Making a Difference in a Different Way

A Compassionate Animal Rescue and Foster Society

Making a Difference in a Different Way

A Compassionate Animal Rescue and Foster Society

Ensuring Animals Find the Forever Home They Deserve

Face of a grey stripped cat with green eyes and long whiskers

The Power To Affect Change

Here at the ranch, we do several things to help animals and people. We are not a shelter where we house animals until they can be adopted. We will foster from time to time, but we like to find an animal a forever home before they go into a shelter.

Our Mission Is Simple

Our vision is one of every pet's dream – having a loving, safe home where an animal and a human understand and love each other.

Animals are full of love and only learn mistrust and fear from humans, if treated badly. Here at the ranch, one of our visions is to educate humans from the animal’s point of view.

Animals view the world differently than humans, and we need to understand what they see, think, and how it affects them.

Animals look at life differently. They look at us as their caretakers and someone to love unconditionally. Not many humans understand this. Pets are not just a body without any feelings, emotions, or love.

All animals have feelings, emotions, wants, needs, and love to give. We at the ranch know and understand this.

We also know that wild animals and domestic animals react differently to different things, and we want to educate people on this and other subjects about animals.

So part of this educational vision is to teach people how to communicate with their pets better and in their pet’s language.

All animals communicate like humans do – through body language, sound, telepathy, and pheromones (pheromones are chemical reactions in the form of smells that all animals, including humans, put out in any situation).

The key to understanding their communication is to first understand how their species communicate with each other and other species. Once you understand this, you can communicate with your pet on their level.

If you would like to communicate better with your pet or take a class on animal communication, please use the contact information on this site, and Shirley will get back to you shortly.